TOP Men in Aerospace & Aviation to Follow on LinkedIn 2022: 88. Aubrey Farrar

88. Aubrey Farrar

Air Traffic Control Specialist, NATCA TFDM SME (DCA)

Aubrey Farrar

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Networking and keeping up to date with the latest Aviation Innovations/ Industry.

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Who am I:

Mr. Farrar contributes to the industry’s growth by his philanthropy and his awareness to increase diversity/inclusion in the aviation industry. Mr. Farrar is an Air Traffic Controller at DCA and uses his skills not just to depart and land planes. He uses his knowledge to educate the next generation of future aviators. Mr. Farrar has contributed to the industry’s growth, innovation, sustainability by developing and implementing STEM based curriculum with aviation principles. With in-person aviation summer camps canceled due to COVID-19. Mr. Farrar went to work creating new opportunities for youths to make as many summer memories as possible. Mr. Farrar’s vision focused on educational/social development is innovative to host a four-week camp teaching youth about the different careers in aviation. Mr. Farrar’s innovative thinking was swift to engage youth by introducing them to aviation professionals. While virtual education is a great part of technology, Mr. Farrar realized the challenge of winning the students over is by offering inspiring, engaging content. A combination of ‘Aviation Stem Pack’ and virtual experiences gave youths throughout the state a platform to continue to learn by doing, socialize with their peers and learn the different careers of aviation. The Aviation STEM Pack included items such a build-a-drone kit, build a model rocket kit, air traffic control simulation games, with something for everyone, with or without devices. Mr. Farrar understood that all youth do not come from the same background and demographic so ALL could participate in this program. I believe with his foresight and innovative thinking to provide an opportunity for all students to learn virtually. Mr. Farrar continues this effort this year and pledges to continue this camp this year
Mr. Farrar is a staple in the community and an inspiration to many. Mr. Farrar created a STEM- based curriculum with aviation principles that served over 3,500+ youth the opportunity to become an aviator for a month during the Covid-19 pandemic. The students learned from the virtual aviation camp a multitude of subjects based on aviation/space history, aerodynamics, career profiles (primarily pilot, mechanic, air traffic control, and drones). Mr. Farrar is a member of many civic organizations. I know he participates in career days at numerous elementary/middle/high schools, local churches, fraternal/sorority organizations, local police department (air support unit), and the Boy Scouts of America from what I can recall. Mr. Farrar assists youth on obtaining their aviation merit badges teaching youth about aerodynamics, air traffic control, aviation management, and becoming a pilot. I know Mr. Farrar is excited to provide Air Traffic Control Tower Tours soon.

What I do:

Mr. Farrar is currently the State of Maryland Legislative Coordinator, and the former National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA) Union President. Mr. Farrar holds many certifications such as his (Part 107) Drone Operator License, Private Pilot License, Certified Tower Operator (CTO) Certification. Mr. Farrar graduated magna cum laude from the Community College of Baltimore County with an Applied Science degree in Aviation Management with a concentration in Air Traffic Control. He continued his education at Cornell University’s diversity studies program and Georgetown University’s Non-Profit Executive Leadership Program.

Mr. Farrar is well respected amongst his peers and known to be an intelligent, tenacious, self-motivated, and a well-qualified leader. He is running to be your National President and has built and cultivated many fruitful relationships with Senior leadership and members affiliated with organizations such as NBCFAE, NHCFAE, NATCA, PASS, OBAP, PWC, BPA, and the FAA. Nationally, Mr. Farrar has been featured on The USA Today, MSNBC, CNN, Fox News, NBC, Canada broadcasting Channel (CBC) and National Public Radio for advocating for all Federal Employees to obtain pay during the 2018 Government Shutdown. He is the founder/CEO of the non-profit “DC Flight Club”. He saw a need in his community to expose youth to real-world career opportunities in aviation and aeronautics at schools in the District of Columbia, Virginia and his hometown Prince George’s County, MD. Mr. Farrar strongly believes that early exposure in the aviation field will influence the development of qualified candidates and help meet the growing demand for skilled workers. I’m sure he has many more achievements, but he doesn’t boast or brag for me to know everything.

Why you should follow me on Linkedin:

You should follow Mr. Farrar on Linkedln because the future is now and it is important to highlight the up-and-coming aviators in the industry.

Who I follow on Linkedin

Mr. Farrar understands that the aviation industry needs to continue to build a pipeline or in his words “flightplan” for the next generation of well-qualified future aviators. I have known Mr. Farrar for 20 years of friendship and brotherhood to know the character of this man. Mr. Farrar is an air traffic control specialist for providing service to the flying public and military daily and ensuring the safety of the National Airspace System at Washington National Tower, one of the most prestigious and high-profile facilities.


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This link was a pivotal point in the Aviation Industry and Mr. Farrar was on the front lines representing the air traffic controller workforce highlighted on USA TODAY.

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The most successful post is what impact the community by exposing youth to aviation careers and education. This is the most recent post and it is real time that makes it authentic/successful. More attention to the post/page will help increase awareness..

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