Top Pacific Alumni to Follow on Linkedin Spotlight: Joshua Foster

Joshua Foster

Director, Modeling and Analytics, PwC

Joshua Foster

Director, Modeling and Analytics

What I use Linkedin for:


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Financial Services


Who am I:

I’ve spent the last 11 years exploring the fields of statistical model development, validation, and risk management but the most fulfilling part of my professional life has been building the knowledge, capabilities, and confidence of the colleagues who I’ve worked with and those who have worked for me.

What I do:

I lead a team that develops Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR) and Dodd-Frank Act stress testing models, Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) reserving models, and more general credit loss models for large bank credit portfolios for submission to the regulators to assess whether firms have sufficient capital to weather both expected and possibly adverse economic conditions.

In addition, I lead teams that specialize in the development and assessment of clients’ internally-developed loan loss reserve, residual value, credit loss, and fair lending compliance models through empirical and statistical testing and validation.

And finally, I develop and implement statistical and analytical testing for high profile litigation cases brought against some of the largest banks in the world. This often involves developing statistical models for detecting discrimination in underwriting, APR pricing, net revenue, dealer markup, and broker compensation for multiple clients of the US banking industry.

Why you should follow me on Linkedin:

I have created a relatively large network of financial services professionals from across the East Coast (including NYC and Washington DC) and can serve as a connection between parties. In addition, I plan to increase the number of posts (both written and re-shared) related to risk and regulatory compliance, machine-learning, and advances in financial modeling for the financial services sector.

Who I follow on Linkedin

Steven Goulart, Former Pacific Regent and CIO Metlife

Anne Milne, Pacific Regent, Managing Director at Bank of America

Norman Allen, Pacific Regent, CRO Woodruff Sawyer

Kyle Kennedy, Senior Economist, Federal Housing Finance Agency


Anne Milne

Managing Director - Emerging Markets Corporate Research, Bank of America Merill Lynch

Norman Allen

Crafting Creative Solutions for Companies Exposed to Unique Risk Situations | D&O Insurance Expert, Woodruff Sawyer

Kyle Kennedy, CFA

Associate Director, Federal Housing Finance Agency

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