Top Pacific Alumni to Follow on Linkedin Spotlight: Mario Enríquez

Mario Enríquez

Speaker | LGBTQ Activist | Higher Ed. Professional | Leadership & Event Planning Expert, University of the Pacific

Mario Enríquez

Average Post Engagement: 58

What I use Linkedin for:

Professional networking and one-on-one support/networking/mentoring

Number of Followers:





Who am I:

An eternal optimist who for the past decade, have had a strong record of public service and youth leadership development.

What I do:

I focus my work around leadership development, storytelling, and at the Victory Institute, I inform the nation’s network of LGBTQ elected and appointed leaders.

Why you should follow me on Linkedin:

Love to share resources, ideas, and engage with like-minded individuals who want to give back to their communities.

Who I follow on Linkedin

President Obama, Arianna Huffington, Tony Robbins, Dave Kerpen are just a few. I love to hear about the successes of trailblazers in various industries. They have so many interesting stories and layers to who they are as leaders.

Mario’s Most Successful Post

Reactions: 356

Comments: 49

Check out Mario’s post here

Life update! Friends, just over a decade of amazing adventures all throughout the country, I’m excited to share that I’ve made my way back to my hometown of Stockton, CA!

Thanks to the incredible support of my mentors here in the Central Valley, I now have the opportunity to serve as the new Director of the Intercultural Student Success Center at my alma mater, University of the Pacific!

Here, I’ll be able to lead an incredible team on organizing programs and supporting our Latinx, Black, AAPI/DESI, Native American, and LGBTQ Students!

For those who know me, my personal mission since graduating from college in 2010 has been to learn as much as I can so that I can eventually bring back my experiences and share them with my community.

I am thrilled for this new chapter, to engage with students, and see how I can contribute to the greater Stockton community.

I’m fired up and ready to get to work! Adelante! #newjob #BackHome #CentralValley #california #highereducation #DEI

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