TOP 100 Aerospace & Aviation Professionals To Follow on LinkedIn 2022: 37. Justyna Pelc 

37. Justyna Pelc

Head of Community | Space lover: Innspace co-founder, PTAstrobio co-founder, Space Robotics Society Director of Strategy, analog astronaut | Engineer | Top Women in Aerospace&Aviation to follow on LI 2022 |,

37. Justyna Pelc

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How LinkedIn has helped you in your careers or businesses:

LinkedIn is a tool for you to be visible. It helps you to show your expertise and be visible in the area of your choice.
Thanks to LinkedIn, above all, I have access to information, which is the main currency of today’s world. Not only do I see exciting posts with job offers, projects, and various opportunities, but also many people from my network devote their time to inform me about various initiatives in private messages because they associate that I am interested.
I have also become a bit of a contact point for people looking for contacts in this industry – very often people who are looking for a team member, contractor, or specialist know-how contact me looking for support. Thanks to this, I can connect with the right people and help not only myself.
The last and obvious advantage is the fact that I don’t have to look for a job – cooperation offers from various companies come to me by themselves thanks to my activity on Social Media.

Tips on how to Thrive on LinkedIn:

Deliver value to your audience! This is the most essential part of building your brand on LinkedIn. I recommend sharing your thoughts twice a week with unique views on some issues. Avoid sharing content without comment – your network is interested in your thoughts on it. Think about why you’re sharing a message, why you think it’s interesting to your network, and what information should get their attention, then include it in your post.


What I use Linkedin for:

I use LinkedIn to connect with other people active in the space sector. Collaboration is the basis of ground-breaking projects and requires a combination of often unique fields and experiences. Linkedin makes it easier for me to reach people with whom I would like to cooperate.

This portal is also a source of knowledge for me about various initiatives (information about which I also publish on the group “Start in space”). Thanks to this, I am up to date with what is happening in the space sector.

Number of Followers:





Who am I:

My passions are out of this world. I’m interested in crewed space flights. I believe that humans should return to the Moon and take the first step on Mars anytime soon. It will not only allow us to answer the basic questions about what life is and where did it come from, but also to solve many problems related to the presence of humans in such a difficult environment, which will also help us with the problems we face on Earth.

What I do:

I am a leader of Innspace association. We are working on projects for both suborbital vehicles, which are the future of space tourism, and also Moon and Mars bases.
We have already had many successes, such as:
– Mars colony project for 1000 people, which took 5th place in the final of the Mars Colony Prize competition,
– two Mars base designs that won the Winner and Gold Winner titles in the Future Mars Life competition
– design of the crew cabin of a suborbital plane that won the ESA Grand Prix during the finals of the Student Aerospace Challenge competition
– and more.

I am a science communicator. As a member of the Board of the Polish Astrobiology Society, I organize webinars, and events as well as record interviews with scientists to encourage a wide audience to become interested in astrobiology.

I am also a judge during space and robotics competitions and hackathons.

Why you should follow me on Linkedin:

Follow me on LinkedIn to keep up to date with what is happening in the Polish space sector. Perhaps there will be an opportunity to collaborate on one of the projects?

Who I follow on Linkedin

Ewa Borowska

Ewa is an inspiring person operating in the Polish space sector. I have the pleasure to work with her at the Innspace association and the Polish Astrobiology Society. Ewa founded the first startup in Poland focused on topics related to astrobiology. Shee is working on the use of extremophiles to solve many pressing problems in space and on Earth. I follow her successes and hope everyone will hear about her soon!


Ewa Izabela Borowska

Research Fellowship | PhD Candidate | Founder & CEO at Extremo Technologies, NASA Ames Research Center

Justyna’s Favorite Post

Reactions: 80

Comments: 20

Check out Justyna’s post here

❝I posted information about receiving a grant for building a ground station in Poland that will provide remote access for everyone who needs to use such an infrastructure to communicate with satellites or do some radio astronomy research. The station will consist of transmitting and receiving tracks based on SDR platforms, allowing for the personalization of tools and adaptation to the user’s needs. The range of applications includes satellite and terrestrial communications, radio astronomy, technical and radiocommunication experiments in the shortwave, ultra-shortwave and microwave bands. In addition to access to radio devices, the user will be able to monitor the station’s operation by measuring, for example, the temperature of the amplifiers, output power and standing wave ratio.

I am really excited about this grant as it will affect the development of the Polish space sector.❞

Justyna’s Successful Post

Reactions: 146

Comments: 11

Check out Justyna’s post here

❝My most successful post concerns the completion of master’s studies at the Wroclawska University of Technology and undertaking post-graduate studies at the Kozminski University in the field of “Entrepreneurship in the space sector”. The post has reached such a wide reach, because a significant group of people who follow me on LinkedIn are the local community from my university and city (thanks to the fact that, for example, I was awarded the title of Wroclawska Citizen of the Year 2020) and people related to the space sector who were interested in my subsequent studies.❞

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