TOP Women in Aerospace & Aviation To Follow on LinkedIn 2022: 98. Ayla Wolf

98. Ayla Wolf

Corporate Communications | Cultural Anthropologist | Regional Communications Manager for Europe, Space Generation Advisory Council

98. Ayla Wolf

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What I use Linkedin for:

Connect with space industry people
Expand my horizon
Share my space insights


Number of Followers:





Who am I:

I am Ayla. The name comes from either a Turkish background meaning corona, the light around a planet. It’s also supposed to have an Irish background where it means the first one of her kind. While I can’t exactly claim the latter, the first one kind of makes me think I was made to love space. And I always did. As a child a wrote the names of star constellations in glow-in-the-dark chalk on my bedroom walls. But most of my life it was much more sci-fi to me than reality, and if real than only the realm of far away scientists. Fast forward a couple of years and I have 3 degrees under my belt, a BA in economics, marketing & communication, and a BA as well as an MA in philosophy and cultural studies. It’s during the latter two degrees that I learned that you could look at technology from a societal angle and boom, there it was: the revelation that space had something to do with my life and that I could have something to do with it, even as a social scientist. Now, it’s my dream to become an Anthropologist of Outer Space and communicate those insights to other people, being for them what my studies were for me: the bridge from seeing space as sci-fi to understanding it as sci-fact and understanding all of our involvement with it.

What I do:

I currently work as a Corporate Communications Specialist in the Engineering Industry while pouring my love and soul into either advancing the Space Generation Advisory Council or preparing a Ph.D. proposal in Anthropology of Outer Space.

Why you should follow me on Linkedin:

Being a space-faring civilization changes what kind of civilization we are. I look at what that means. Following me means being there from the get-go as a person with no typical background makes it into the space field. I’m at the very beginning but watch me as I share what I learn about my field of research, what research projects there are, how you can find your way in the space industry without being an engineer, watch me struggle with my circumstances and overcoming hurdles that to no small extent are created by myself. In short, all you get, is a very regular person following her dreams.

Who I follow on Linkedin

Ksenia Ozkok –> She is a marketing specialist for space but also and much more someone that talks all things personal brand, finding your voice, and owning your uniqueness in the field. She also talks about stereotypes in the space industry, debunks them, or shows how to overcome them.
Remco Timmermans –> One of the early space influencers. He does social media for space and following him makes me learn so much more of what’s going on in the space world.
Loretta Whitesides –> Founder of the Space Kind Training. Not very active on LinkedIn but I want to make sure to be informed when she starts the next coup.
Gary Vaynerchuk –> Reminder to always take care of people, to be honest, and kind.
Niamh Shaw –> Uses space to share new perspectives, social sciences and space
Emily Calandrelli –> most favourite space communicator of all time
Amy Landino –> completely unrelated to space but my mentor in productivity, time-management and “going after the life I want”


Ayla’s Favorite Post

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Check out Ayla’s post here

I would say my favourite one is either the one about my SGC/IAC experience in Dubai (see below) or my post about meeting my virtual friends of an online course in storytelling and personal branding in space. In this post, I reflected on what it meant to meat those people in person and how this community is what makes me love the space industry. Those people made me feel like I belong, those people are the ones that cheer for me, that I would always cheer for, and that are always willing to welcome the next ambitious space lover amidst their ranks.

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