TOP Women in Aerospace & Aviation To Follow on LinkedIn 2022: 44. Akvile Bakunaite

44. Akvile Bakunaite

Head of Communication and Marketing, JETMS

44. Akvile Bakunaite

Average Post Engagement: 43.10



What I use Linkedin for:

Business, Media, Career

Number of Followers:



Aerospace & Aviation


Who am I:

I am Head of Marketing & Communications at JETMS, which is a provider of integrated world-class solutions for business and regional aviation.

What I do:

What I do, I do for real. I am a perfectionist and not afraid to say that. My expectations are always high, but first to myself then to others, at daily life and at work, but this is who I am 🙂 I love people and working in a team, feeling of belonging is more than important to me. I think that only by inspiring others and being inspired you can achieve more.

Why you should follow me on Linkedin:

Because I constantly share the latest trends and news in business aviation industry, I openly share our company’s and teams activities, experiences, knowledge and many more.

Who I follow on Linkedin

LinkedIn, Biggest Aerospace companies and OEMs;Media, Marketing and Communication experts, famous business leaders, etc.


Akvile’s Favorite Post

Reactions: 215

Comments: 8

Check out Akvile’s post here

One of my favourites: (exceptional projects we do and my personal experience):

Akvile’s Successful Post

Reactions: 94

Comments: 5

Check out Akvile’s post here

Maybe this one, it was so memorable experience and such a unique project. It shows  our professionalism, different approach, braveness and many more:

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