TOP Women in Aerospace & Aviation To Follow on LinkedIn 2022: 13. Amanda Price

13. Amanda Price

BD Director - Space & Security, Serco

13. Amanda Price

Average Post Engagement: 90.70



What I use Linkedin for:

Personal musing, sharing stories on space, raising awareness of STEM careers, supporting fellow women in defence, aerospace and space

Number of Followers:





Who am I:

A woman who has been lucky enough to enjoy a 30 year career in Defence & Space and is passionate to encourage more young women to start in STEM careers and overcome their imposter syndrome

What I do:

Business development and awareness raising about all things space and what it already does and can do for humankind

Why you should follow me on Linkedin:

I’m keen to build networks of women in STEM careers, so we can celebrate and highlight each others successes, act as role models for others and encourage more women into our sector.

Who I follow on Linkedin

Rob Aitchison, Rayna Owens, Ian Annett, Sam King, The Female lead, Women in Defence


Rob Aitchison

Managing Director, EconExec

Rayna O.

Experienced Space Professional - views my own, Space Force Association

Ian A.

Deputy Chief Executive for Programme Delivery, UK Space Agency

Sam King

Thermal Mechanical Engineer, Northrop Grumman

The Female Lead

Non-profit Organizations, London, England

Women in Defence UK

Promoting gender balance across the UK defence enterprise, Defense and Space Manufacturing

Amanda’s Favorite Post

Reactions: 151

Comments: 22

Check out Amanda’s post here

I love the comments on this post. It was the first time I experimented with being the authentic me and blended personal reflections like the menopause, with business commentary – and its a combination people seem to like. I often get verbal comments from people who read my posts, even if they haven’t interacted with them online.

Amanda’s Successful Post

Reactions: 138

Comments: 17

Check out Amanda’s post here

It depends on how you define “successful” really. If it is in terms of “likes” then none of my posts has topped more than 200 likes – but this one probably attracted the most new connections to women in wider industry and personal comments afterwards about speaking openly about career issues – which is what I am aiming for.

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