TOP Women in Aerospace & Aviation To Follow on LinkedIn 2022: 3. Ashwini Thorat

3. Ashwini Sulakhe Thorat

Vice President & Head Design and Planning, Noida International Airport

3. Ashwini Sulakhe Thorat

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What I use Linkedin for:

Industry related news and updates, recruitment, networking.

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Who am I:

I am passionate aviation planner and architect, dedicated to create world class airports and help build talent pool in aviation.

What I do:

Head design and planning for the greenfield Noida International Airport development, which will be India’s largest airport.

Why you should follow me on Linkedin:

Aviation is a booming sector and together we can help create best solutions and win win situations.

Who I follow on Linkedin

Anthony J James
I like the innovations Anthony is posting as innovation can lead to growth.


Anthony J James

CEO, Innovation & Technology at Trinity Consulting - Founder, InfluencerActive, the World's First B2B Influencer Marketplace, InfluencerActive

Ashwini’s Successful Post

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Check out Ashwini’s post here

Recently I shared post of Architecture+Design magazine that featured my interview as Aviation Architect and my greenfield project Noida International Airport in India.

This post is my favourite as it recognises me as a woman in the role of Design and Planning Head for this prestigious project and also because it brings spotlight on Aviation Architecture which is highly specialised field with immense opportunities and needs to  attract talent to support the booming aviation market in India.

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