TOP Women in Aerospace & Aviation To Follow on LinkedIn 2022: 10. Delphine Kennedy

10. Delphine Kennedy


10. Delphine Kennedy

Average Post Engagement: 100.60


United Kingdom

What I use Linkedin for:

LinkedIn is the best platform for Aviation social media. In my field, I get to be aware of everything from Airlines to MRO / other Traders etc etc. Our industry is a fast pace one that requires to always be aware of the evolving markets.
I use LinkedIn a lot as well for finding new potential customers / suppliers and recruits. It truly is the best tool for our industry. Certainly for me 🙂

Number of Followers:





Who am I:

I have known since I was 12yo that i wanted to be travelling the world, speaking english, trading, attending conferences and shows while helping and saving money for others.
It was when I was 16yo working a summer job in a MRO business (where my dad worked as an engineer) that I realised that this was it. My calling, ma passion was for Aviation.
Since then, I always worked in this industry and made an impact on who I was meeting, working with, helping. It is always clear to me that whatever business I am engaged in, it has to be a win-win situation for everyone involved.
I always go above an beyond for each and everyone that reaches out to me, work with me. And that is why I think, I am well known and appreciated in the industry.

What I do:

I have grown a lot in my 15+years in the Industry and 6 months ago, I finally took the leap of having my own aviation trading business.
All on my own. Very scary yet so rewarding.
I offer tailored made solutions to Airlines, brokers, OEMs in surplus spare parts.
Whether it is for a bolt, an IDG or a Landing gear, I can provide an amazing service making sure, that aircraft will be flying again in no time.
Sustainability is something that I am trying my best with my company DBK AERO LTD on a day to day basis to do with a conscious mind.

Why you should follow me on Linkedin:

In the goals for 2022, is to be able to post on a weekly basis some tips on startup business, on what I do to make my business more sustainable, hoping others will follow. We know our industry is not carbon neutral (yet) – but there are ways to move towards a more eco friendly / recycling steps on a day to day basis without impacting our core business of trading. Whether it is from using special approved boxing / biodegradable tapes/ a one nfc Business cards etc etc etc

Who I follow on Linkedin

In the aviation industry, I follow:
– Ed Bastien (CEO Delta Air Lines)
– Richard Branson (Founder Virgin)
– Tony Fernandes (CEO AirAsia)
– Birgir Jonsson(CEO Fly Play)

A group I follow fondly is the Leading Ladies of … by Fiona McKay who is an amazing person.

I follow as well a lot of Airlines to keep updated as well as aviation group, some women, some all gender., some companies that are making an impact on sustainability and finding creative ways to be better for the planet.

Outside the industry and for inspirational start up content I follow:
– Ben Francis (Founder of Gymshark)
– Steven Bartlett (serial entrepreneur and investor)
– The Female lead

Ed Bastian

Chief Executive Officer, Delta Air Lines

Richard Branson

Founder, Virgin Group

Tony Fernandes

Chief Executive Officer at Capital A, AirAsia

Birgir Jonsson


Fiona McKay

Managing Director, Lightbulb Leadership Solutions | Speaker of the Year | Growth & Transformation Strategist | CEO Coach | Top 250 Influencer in FemTech | Founder of The Menopause Maze™️ & The Menopause Career Coach™️, Lightbulb Leadership Solutions

Ben Francis

CEO & Founder, Gymshark

Steven Bartlett

Entrepreneur / Investor, thirdweb

The Female Lead

Non-profit Organizations, London, England

Delphine’s Successful Post

Reactions: 288

Comments: 51

Check out Delphine’s post here

My most successful post so far is the one from last Friday 1st of April. Viewed so far over 12,000 times

I am always honest, straightforward and personable. Which I think is what people love, they absolutely love to be part of my journey and see what I do, where I go and how I manage to be where I am today. I get a lot of private messages with random questions which I make sure I always reply to.

When people can relate or help to a post, I believe that is when they are keen on commenting, sharing their journey as well. It becomes a conversation.

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