TOP Women in Aerospace & Aviation To Follow on LinkedIn 2022: 41. Jackie Dujmovic

41. Jackie Dujmovic

Founder and CEO, Mentor, Technology Leader, Hover UAV

41. Jackie Dujmovic

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What I use Linkedin for:

To keep up to date with occurrences within the RPAS industry and to also network with others for inspiration or collaboration.

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Aerospace & Aviation


Who am I:

I am Jackie Dujmovic the inspiring CEO of Hover UAV a drone consultancy company. My vision is to be a solution provider and the critical link between emerging UAS technologies, individuals, enterprises and governments. I am focused on implementing evolutionary transformative services into workflows or to improve lives. I have invented products now considered standard equipment to improve the safety of life. Jackie’s strength lies in creating strong dialogue and procedures with regulators on a local, national and international level to ultimately implement revolutionary RPAS system integration into everyday life.

What I do:

My work is focused on enabling the expansion of the RPAS industry both in Australia and internationally. I firmly believe the work I do and enable through my company, Hover UAV, is setting up the RPAs industry for an explosion in drone technology adoption. These new tools will enable us to solve problems ranging from connecting remote communities to mitigating environmental and fiscal costs of logistical operations. At the core of my focus is autonomous remote operations, enabling the future of RPAS usage across Australia.

Remote operations enable pilots to be stationed in central locations, close to their homes and operate drones across the country. These remote operations centres or ROCs will help us overcome the hurdles of using multiple drones at once and creating a truly connected delivery and service network for drones. To help enable this future I also engage in educational and safety work around the country and overseas to share our collective knowledge with the RPAS industry as well as the broader aviation industry. I regularly present my experience with setting up complex RPAS systems, developing safety cases and overcoming regulatory boundaries at international and domestic conferences. I also advocate for women in tech and the early engagement of young Australians with drone technology, supporting a new generation of innovators to take advantage of the growing drone industry.

Why you should follow me on Linkedin:

I believe I bring to LinkedIn an insight into the RPAS industry so whether just interested in drones at a hobby level or as a professional within the industry there are valuable interesting insights to be gained. Being at the cutting edge of some very progressive and world-first RPAS programs gives insights into a future that is either here now or will be a reality soon. I would also hope that I can be seen as an inspiration to other women wanting to enter the RPAS industry of which to date there is not a huge uptake.

Who I follow on Linkedin

Two remarkable women that I would recommend to follow on LinkedIn would be Nicola McPhail and Emily Blyth.

Nicola McPhail is an experienced aviator and a keen-eyed CFO who brings her combined experience in both fields to Hover UAV. With hundreds of hours in commercial piloting, Nicola’s unique perspective on the relationship between crewed and uncrewed systems gives her a rare insight into the very real safety and airmanship considerations of uncrewed operations. On top of her piloting experience, Nicola was also recently recognised as the winner of the Acquisition International Emerging Aviation CFO for 2022 for her commitment to strong leadership and strategic business development.

Nicola MacPhail

Chief Financial Officer | Safety Specialist | International Airline Pilot, Hover UAV

Emily Blyth is the phenomenal entrepreneur and the guiding force behind her startup Pyper Vision. Pyper Vision is introducing a revolutionary RPAS based application to clear the fog from airports, relieving the operational and economic stress such airport closures introduce.

Emily Blythe

Entrepreneur, educator and student pilot, Pyper Vision

Jackie’s Favorite Post

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My favourite post is also one of our proudest moments. Working with regulators we were able to bring to fruition a cost-effective remotely operated solution that bridges the gap between IP radios and in-field radios and allows pilots around Australia and the world to start doing their work remotely. We were all thrilled to see the outcome of years of dedicated work and a singular vision to achieve safe remote operations with a strong communication capability receive regulatory approval.

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