TOP Women in Aerospace & Aviation To Follow on LinkedIn 2022: 24. Kendra Kincade

24. Kendra Kincade

Founder/Chair at Elevate Aviation, Air Traffic Controller, Host of Air Time Webinar and Podcast Series, Honorary Colonel 417 Squadron, Columnist, Speaker., Elevate Aviation

24. Kendra Kincade

Average Post Engagement: 73.50



What I use Linkedin for:

I use LinkedIn to share information about aviation careers and try to generate excitement and interest for others to think of aviation as an industry they would want to build a career for themselves.

Number of Followers:





Who am I:

My life’s purpose is to show people they can have a life they love, one that affords economic security to be independent, fulfilled and thrive, through the aviation industry.

What I do:

Air Traffic Controller, Founder and CEO of Elevate Aviation, Honorary Colonel of 417, writer for Wings and Helicopter Magazine, documentary Director, speaker, Director for the Alberta Aviation Council, Vice Chair of SAAC (Strategic Aviation Advisory Council), webinar and podcast host. Most importantly – Mother, Grandmother, lover of life and doing my best to inspire others to create a life they love.

Why you should follow me on Linkedin:

You can follow me on LinkedIn if you are interested in seeing the behind the scenes of aviation and promotion of the industry.

As a passionate aviation enthusiast, active ATC and founder of not for profits, I thrive on building networks and supporting diverse stories. Follow me to learn, be entertained and connect with my network of professionals and experts.

Who I follow on Linkedin

I follow my brother David Kincade. My brother has supported everything I have done and encouraged me throughout the journey of creating an organization. He helped us with our first ever grant that really helped launched our first national project in our organization, Elevate Aviation.

Sophia Wells

Sophia is a CFI and the Director of Community Engagement and Mentorship with Elevate Aviation and she inspires hundreds of students a year to consider aviation as a career.


David Kincade, MA

Grant Writer, Legislative Assembly of Alberta

Sophia Wells

Director of Community Engagement and Mentorship for Elevate Aviation, Pilot, Instructor, Examiner, Speaker, Mentor, Alberta Aviation Museum and Alberta Aviation Council Board Member, Elevate Aviation

Kendra’s Favorite Post

Reactions: 928

Comments: 155

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I really like this post because I like showing how air traffic control works and this shows an example of how we make decisions.

Kendra’s Successful Post

Reactions: 1,286

Comments: 87

Check out Kendra’s post here


One of my most successful posts was showing a behind the scenes photo of air traffic control.

I think it is nice for pilots to see the other side of the radio and for the general public to get a glimpse of what we do as air traffic controllers.

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