TOP Women in Aerospace & Aviation To Follow on LinkedIn 2022: 72. Małgorzata Popiel

72. Małgorzata Popiel

Advocate Trainee | Engineer | Employer Branding | Space | New Technology | EB Specialist, CMS

72. Małgorzata Popiel

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What I use Linkedin for:

I use LinkedIn to build my reach, work and promote space science.

Number of Followers:





Who am I:

I am passionate about both the exact sciences and the humanities. I graduated in law and engineering. I also have experience in marketing and HR. Contrary to appearances, I have the opportunity to combine all these plots in space projects. I was interested in space from an early age. It started with classes on celestial bodies and continues to this day. In addition, I am exploring the knowledge of artificial intelligence and learning the Korean language. I am known to follow my own paths, often I go against the current.

What I do:

I’m the secretary of the Management Board of Innspace. Innspace is a Polish association of space enthusiasts. I work in an international law firm as an EB specialist. As part of my work this year, I supported the organization of a student conference on space law. Besides, I am a member of the AstroBio association and the Ad Astra consortium.

Why you should follow me on Linkedin:

It is worth following me because I am multidisciplinary. I publish content on various topics. They mostly relate to the projects I am involved in. These are mainly engineering projects, interesting conferences, but also legal events.

Who I follow on Linkedin

On LinkedIn, I follow Justyna Pelc, the president of Innspace, who posts regular posts on a wide variety of topics. Justyna has received many awards for her achievements related to space. In my opinion, Justyna belongs to the space leaders in Poland.


Justyna Pelc

Innspace co-founder | ESA Grand Prix Winner | Future Mars Life Gold Winner | Mars Colony Prize finalist | Engineer | Analog astronaut | Space lover | Startups&Marketing&Tech,

Małgorzata’s Favorite Post

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My favorite post is a quick summary of the presentation at the Perspektywy Women in Tech event. This event that promotes the development of women, I had the opportunity to talk about how to start a career in the space industry in Poland.

Małgorzata’s Successful Post

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Check out Małgorzata’s post here

This is the post with the greatest reach. In this post I posted an article that appeared on my university’s website. This is the first time I have appeared on university websites.

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