TOP Women in Aerospace & Aviation To Follow on LinkedIn 2022: 76. Michal Ziso

76. Michal Ziso

Architect, Founder @ZISO. Entrepreneur. Futurist. Equality Activist. naMBA. TEDx Speaker(x2). Space Architect., ZISO

76. Michal Ziso

Average Post Engagement: 19.70



What I use Linkedin for:

Business network and relationships growth
Innovation and social impact.

Number of Followers:





Who am I:

I am a space architect, passionate about innovating the way humans live in space and back here on earth through the lens of human-centered design, diversity, and inclusion.

What I do:

Founder and Chief Architect of ZISO, Innovation + Architecture Lab where we imagine and create the future of the built environment in space and on earth
as well as Founder and CEO of The Sleep Space, SpaceTech + Welltech startup developing a tech based solution for quality sleep in space.
I’m also a TEDx and public speaker and advocate for women in space and in STEAM through work with UNOOSA Space4Women initiative, work as founding member of WiSpace – Israeli Women in Space Association and more.
In addition, I’m an advisory board member of Moon2Mars Ventures as well as Earth&Beyond SpaceTech incubator and a mentor for the space tech ecosystem.

Why you should follow me on Linkedin:

You want to join me on my very unique journey, coming from a non-conventional space background (architecture) to creating a strong global network of valuable connections and collaborators in the space industry.

You want to get inspired, to learn more about the industry, to expand your network. I feel that the industry needs more diversity from all walks of life and professions to truly create achievements for ALL humankind, that’s why I would like to get to know YOU!


Who I follow on Linkedin

Janet Ivy (Janet’s Planet) – president of Explore Mars. Janet is an inspirational human who does som much for space communication, especially to the younger generations, always with her fun and loving energy, a true ray of sun!

Janet Ivey-Duensing

President at Explore Mars, CEO of Janet's Planet. Cosmic Educator, STEM Champion, Guardian & Shepherdess of the Next Generation of Space Explorers, Keynote Speaker, Actress, and Writer, Explore Mars Inc.

Michal’s Favorite Post

Reactions: 41

Comments: 11

Check out Michal’s post here

One of my favorites (how can you choose one) is the post I shared my talk I was invited to give by NASA titled: Human Centered Design Impact on Habitability and Mission Success.

It was such a proud moment for me to be not only recognized but invited to share my thoughts and potentially make an impact on one of the biggest key player in the industry

Michal’s Successful Post

Reactions: 300

Comments: 25

Shares: 7

Check out Michal’s post here

With nearly 20,000 and hundreds of comments (both on the post and privately) this is easily my most successful post.
Where I shared my wish to throw a business shower to my new SpaceTech startup since it is a milestone that should be celebrated and supported by my closest community. The shower is planned for the upcoming months and you are invited! 🙂

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