TOP Women in Aerospace & Aviation To Follow on LinkedIn 2022: 75. Paulie Rose

75. Paulie Rose

Helping small manufacturers generate leads & increase sales on LinkedIn | Helping aerospace engineers find lightweight, fireproof design solutions for high temp applications, Paulie Rose Consulting

75. Paulie Rose

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United States

What I use Linkedin for:

Brand Awareness
Lead Generation
Thought Leadership
Industry News

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Who am I:

I am a member of a family that has been in the aerospace manufacturing business for more than 40 years.
Our material and products have been a foundational part of my life. Growing up, I would play with waterproof bath toys made from our company’s scrap material. Days off from school were spent hanging around the shop and helping to pull parts out of molds. And now, as an adult, I spend my time in marketing and sales for our family business.

What I do?

Making the case for why our material and products are so unique and helpful to aerospace engineers is far more than a job. It has truly become a passion.
I know how what we do can change people’s lives.
I know that what we make helps bring millions of airline passengers each year safely to their destinations.
I know that our products are used in the building of military aircraft which help keep our country secure.
I know that we are playing our small part in the exploration of space.
We don’t make the big stuff. Our company will never make the headlines like Boeing or NASA or Sikorsky. But I know that doing what we do, means they can do what they do. And that inspires me every day.

Why you should follow me on Linkedin:

Follow me on LinkedIn to learn about innovative solutions for high-temperature applications in aerospace.
Follow me to learn about how manufacturing companies like ours can use LinkedIn to increase brand awareness and generate leads.
Follow me to see how a small company, making small component parts, can engage with and serve people in larger companies that build the planes we fly in, the rockets we send to space and the military aircraft that keep us all safe.

Who I follow on Linkedin

JJ Snow, Tien Nguyen, Pareekh Jain, Erika Armstrong, Sara Blakely, Chille (AJ) Bergstrom

JJ Snow

Retiring Veteran | Strategist | Community Connector | Passionate Collaborator, United States Air Force

Tien Nguyen

JPL Fellow - Chief Engineer, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Pareekh Jain

CEO EIIRTrend. EIIR (Engineering, IoT, Industry 4.0, R&D) Analyst., Pareekh Consulting

Erika Armstrong

A Chick in the Cockpit | Airline and Business Aviation Captain | Author | Pilot Trainer | Keynote Speaker, Boeing

Sara Blakely

Founder, SPANX

Chille Cynthia Bergstrom

Aerospace Engineer, MIT Media Lab

Paulie’s Favorite Post

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Comments: 21

Check out Paulie’s post here

This was one of the first videos I posted to LinkedIn. I love that it was relevant to my industry and my business, but still playful and fun. Also loved that using video in the way isn’t something that many small manufacturers are doing – so enjoyed getting some good feedback about that as well.

Paulie’s Favorite Post

Reactions: 21

Comments: 62

Check out Paulie’s post here

This post was one that received the most comments. While others had more views and likes, this one feels most successful because this was the post from which I met so many new and wonderful people. From this post, new collaborations have been discussed, new relationships have been formed, and new friendships have emerged.

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