TOP Women in Aerospace & Aviation To Follow on LinkedIn 2022: 59. Roxy Williams

59. Roxy Williams

President at SWISE Costa Rica | National Point of Contact of Nicaragua in SGAC | SGAC Pioneer Awardee | Student Scholar ‘21 Grace Hopper Celebration | International Speaker, Space Generation Advisory Council

59. Roxy Williams

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Costa Rica, Central America

What I use Linkedin for:

I use LinkedIn to promote for advocating space education as well as sharing my accomplishments.

Number of Followers:





Who am I:

I am passionate about space technology, Earth Observation Data, Yoga/meditation and dance as a way of exercising. I am a firm believer of diversity and inclusion and I value people who work towards the same. One of my life purposes is to work hard to close not just gender gap but also race and culture gap. I consider creating accessibility for everyone to everything is key, as I believe Space is for all. The other one is to give back to the community with the work I do, in this case in the space industry. Besides these two purposes, I also aim to become an astronaut so I am putting all my effort in it to make it come true.

What I do:

Roxy Williams studies Software Engineering in ULACIT – Latin American University of Science and Technology in Costa Rica. She is currently the National Point of Contact for Nicaragua and general coordinator of the Open Course Introduction to Space Engineering. Roxy received the SGAC Pioneer Award 2021 for her contributions in SGAC and the space sector. She was also selected as a student Scholar for the Grace Hopper Celebration, the largest gathering of women in computing. Currently she is working as a lead of the Command & Data Handling and Comms subsystems on a Mercury Sample Return Mission Design for the SGAC Space Exploration Project Group. Roxy is the president of the Society of Women in Space Exploration Costa Rica. She is a young female passionate about space, who is driven by diversity and inclusion and who strongly promotes space education in her homeland Nicaragua.

Roxy has worked on a CubeSat design with the Brazilian National Institution of Space Research – INPE, she worked on the design of a Lunar Hospital using Lava tubes during her virtual Analog Astronaut training. She recently co-designed, supervised and produced a web app solution to determine the safest and most suitable sites for shelters for the Caribbean coast in Nicaragua. The team used Sentinel-1, elevation and land cover derived from FAO’s SEPAL cloud platform and Google Earth Engine to derive low, medium and high shelter suitability.

Why you should follow me on Linkedin:

I believe in the power of getting to know different perspectives of people. You may be from a different region than mine, and we may have some common issues we face. However, there is always room for uniting or discussing the different perspectives that each one of us have which may even also end up in the creation of solutions to different problems. Additionally, I am always full of ideas and it is always great to have new connections with whom you can work on making this ideas a reality.

Who I follow on Linkedin

1. Diana Nauriaq Mastracci
– I follow Diana because she is a very hard worker person who believes in diversity and inclusion. I came to know Diana as I proposed a Challenge for a Hackathon for Indigenous that the aim was to solve issues using EO data. We both believe that Indigenous communities (myself as indigenous as well) we have so much potential to use our traditional knowledge and combine it with technology in this case Earth Observation Data for protecting our lands and creating resilience.
2. Alina Vizireanu
– Alina has been my mentor since the moment we met, we built and have had such an amazing connection that I will always respect all that she does. Alina has guided me through my professional development and is someone who will be there for you to support you. Also, she has a lot of experience in Geo Data and has done many amazing projects in the space sector.
3. Harriet Brettle
– Harriet was leader in SGAC as the chair of the organization. She is an amazing person who always shares new opportunities for people in the space sector and will be happy to always support you.


Diana Nauriaq Mastracci

Leveraging space assets & open innovation 4 climate action | Founder at Space 4 Innovation | Consultant, Group on Earth Observations (GEO)

Alina Vizireanu

EdTech Space | Geo data & IT systems management | STEM Ambassador | SGAC Alumni | Unite Portfolio Leader at Women+ in Geospatial, British Cartographic Society

Harriet Brettle

Head of Market Analysis and Business Intelligence - TIA Directorate, European Space Agency - ESA

Saira’s Favorite & Successful Post

Reactions: 105

Comments: 29

Check out Saira’s post here

My favorite post is a recent post I did of my two acceptance papers for the International Astronautical Congress. This post is my favorite because it shows how far I have come from where I used to be, it is incredible. I wouldn’t have thought I would be writing a research paper and to present it in one of the most well known congresses in the space sector. And this post shows my work and my passion.

Also my most successful post is the one I mentioned in the previous. It is successful in terms of the content because it is about an achievement I recently have. And also in terms of interactions is the one that has had the most interactions and comments in it.

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