TOP Women in Aerospace & Aviation To Follow on LinkedIn 2022: 99. Stephanie Carpentier

99. Stephanie Carpentier

Managing Partner, Aerontii

Stephanie Carpentier

Average Post Engagement: 4.80



What I use Linkedin for:

Business and Networking.

Number of Followers:



Aerospace & Aviation


Who am I:

I am an aviation executive, entrepreneur and I am passionate about lifting up, encouraging and making the path easier for the next generation of women pursuing a career in aviation.

What I do:

I am owner and Managing Partner at Aerontii, LLC, a strategy management firm for the Aerospace and Aviation Industry, specializing in business development and data analytics. I am also co-founder of A-WING (Aviation Women Inspiring the Next Generation), a non-profit to encourage, educate and inspire the next generation of women in all areas aviation and aerospace.

Why you should follow me on Linkedin:

Follow me on LinkedIn to find an amazing network of like minded aviation women and a cause that will help produce and support many more amazing women into our industry.

Who I follow on Linkedin,,,,,,,


Nikki Malcom

CEO & Executive Director, Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance

Erika Armstrong

A Chick in the Cockpit | Airline and Business Aviation Captain | Author | Pilot Trainer | Keynote Speaker | Networking = Sales!, Boeing

Carol (Giusti) Parrish

Wealth Advisor Specializing in Women Leaders in Male Dominated Industries like Aerospace, Tech, and Manufacturing, Utor Wealth

Kathy Miller

Senior Operations Executive | Women in Manufacturing Hall of Fame Inductee | Co-author Steel Toes & Stilettos (Dec. 2021) | Coaching & Consulting: Manufacturing Talent & Culture Development | Speaker, Vertiv

Ellen Voie

Association Executive with a passion to create a more gender diverse culture in the transportation industry. Looking for opportunities to serve at the director level on corporate boards., Women In Trucking Association

Jill Meyers

🔹 Driver of Good Things 🔹 Aviation & Aerospace Consultant 🔹, Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics, The University of Texas at Austin

Allison McKay

CEO, Women in Aviation International

Alisa Lockwood

Aircraft Maintenance at Delta Air Lines, Commemorative Air Force

Stephanie’s Successful Post

Reactions: 85

Comments: 9

Check out Stephanie’s post here

This one is one that had the most views/reactions, 3,500 views and 85 reactions.  I think this one was timing, it was the first big conference after COVID and people were so excited to start seeing some activity and recovery.

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