Top Women in Aviation & Aerospace Spotlight: Christina Korp

Meet this Tuesday’s Leading Ladies Of… Aerospace Spotlight, Christina Korp! Owner of one of the coolest titles I’ve come across on LinkedIn, “Astronaut Wrangler”. 

Over the 4th of July weekend here in the US I became more obsessed with the Climate Crisis, which is why I’m excited to featuring Christina today. She like myself is also focused on Space Technology and its ability to solve our world’s sustainable development goals in a targeted way. 

She’s multitalented and a spark of inspiration for people of all backgrounds and ages. 

Read on and connect with her to learn about ways space unites us as humans on the same planet, and how she thinks that space and science are the key to making a better world for future generations!

Christina Korp

Christina Korp

Astronaut Wrangler | Space Connector | Strategic Partnerships | Marketing Executive | Executive Producer | Content Creator | Social Media Expert

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United States

What I use Linkedin for:

Networking and raising awareness about space, aviation, women’s issues and promoting inclusivity and diversity. I believe that space technology, research and development are the key to solving the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. If the right people with the resources start paying attention to what’s at their disposal and use it for good in a more targeted way, kind of like how the pharmaceutical companies made a vaccine so quickly for covid, then we could get to solutions and make an impact on a broader scale.

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Marketing and Aerospace

Who am I:

I am passionate about inspiring people of all ages and backgrounds. I grew up as one of ten kids in South Dakota from a humble background. In spite of my circumstances, I’ve gotten to experience and make some of my own dreams come true. I’ve gotten to do “impossible” things because I worked for a man who walked on the Moon and I saw firsthand how the impact of Apollo and the first moon landing made on the hearts and mind of a generation.

I want to use my experience and knowledge to light the spark of pursuing big dreams in other people. I think that space is a great unifier and the reminder that we’re all just humans on the same planet. I’m particularly focused on promoting women’s issues and people of color, those who often get overlooked. And I think connecting the mainstream world to what is going on in space is one of the best ways I can bring my experience, knowledge and contacts to make a difference.

What I do:

I manage astronauts for appearances, licensing and branding but I’m also a marketer, content creator, experiential producer and big idea producer and space and science communicator.

Why you should follow me on Linkedin:

To learn about ways space unites us as humans on the same planet, and how I think that space and science are the key to making a better world for future generations.

Who I follow on Linkedin:

NASA, other inspiring women in aerospace.

My favourite or most successful post:

I posted this about Dr. Shirley Jackson because she’s not a common household name. And yet, she should be. Also, I try to post photos of trailblazers like this when they were young so that others can see someone who looks like them. Which may inspire them to aim for a dream they didn’t think they could do before. One image and statement could be that powerful.

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