Top Women in Aviation & Aerospace Spotlight: Kanchana Gamage

For women trying to get into the field of aerospace and aviation, there is no doubt that they have heard of Grazia Vittadini. She is the CTO of Airbus, a famous airplane manufacturing company. She is also serving as a member of the Airbus executive committee.


A successful aeronautical engineer, she has been with the Airbus family for a long time. She was the Senior Vice President - Head of Corporate Audit and Forensic till 2016. But her journey with Airbus started long before that. 


Today she is a beacon for women in the aviation industry. Her success story is one that many women would like to follow. She truly is a trailblazer and everyone should aspire to be like her. 

Grazia Vittadani

Grazia Vittadani

CTO at Airbus

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