Top Women in Aviation & Aerospace Spotlight: Stacey Rudser

Today’s Leading Ladies Of… Aerospace is Stacey Rudser! She aims to normalize women in the aviation technical space. She is passionate about normalizing this issue as well. She is a maintenance supervisor. Currently, she is building the future of aviation pipeline. She addresses tissues unique to women In aviation maintenance. She is passionate about aviation quality and reliability.


She believes the aerospace industry holds endless possibilities. She had studied at GE Aviation and Federal Aviation Association and Pratt & Whitney to name a few. She is currently the Director of the Association for Women in Aviation Maintenance (AWAM) and has been for four years. Also, she is currently at Breeze Airways as the Supervisor Line Maintenance.

Stacey Rudser

Stacey Rudser

Director at Association for Women in Aviaton Maintenance (AWAM)

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United States

What I use Linkedin for:

Networking and Outreach

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Aviation Maintenance


Who am I:

I am passionate about supporting and normalizing women in Aviation technical roles

What I do:

Maintenance Supervisor.

Why you should follow me on Linkedin:

I address issues unique to the experiences of women in aviation maintenance and building the future aviation workforce pipeline

Who I follow on Linkedin:

I follow a wide variety of individuals on LinkedIn, it is a great way of preventing a self-induced echo chamber

My favourite or most successful post:

I love this post because it brings an element of humor to a difficult situation that almost everyone in maintenance has experienced. The list is true and accurate and comes from hard earned experience

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